Protect Your Home with Fire Extinguishers

fire_extinguisher1 per floor, including 1 by cooking stove

Make sure they’re the right size and type . . .

SIZE: The extinguisher’s size is indicated by a number on its label. The number represents the size of the fire (in square feet) for which the extinguisher will be effective. For example, a size of “2” indicates that the extinguisher is effective for a fire of 2 square feet. (This may not be enough for much more than a small stovetop fire.)

TYPE: The extinguisher’s type is indicated by letters on the label of the extinguisher, for example, “A, B, C.” These letters represent the types of fires/materials against which the extinguisher is effective:

“A”=common materials (wood, paper, etc.)
“B”=flammable liquids (grease, gasoline, etc.)

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