Have at least one “corded” telephone

In the mountains, it’s not unusual for the electricity to go out. Thunderstorms, snowstorms, high wind, and things like road construction can result in damaged or severed electrical lines.

corded_phoneTo ensure that you can still make and receive calls when there is no electric power service (but there IS phone service), install a “corded” telephone in your home, like the picture on the left. This phone will work even if there’s no electricity.

This is especially important in a potentially hazardous situation (wildfire, flood, etc.) in which receiving a Reverse 911 phone call could be critical to your safety, even your life.

(Oh, and you can use this phone to call the electric company and report the outage or to find out when service may be restored.)

IMPORTANT: A “cordless” phone like these will NOT work without electricity:

cordless_phone cordless_phone4 cordless_phone3 cordless_phone2

WARNING: Although cell phones generally don’t work in the mountains, more and more people are opting for Internet phones and giving up their landlines. Just be aware that if you do, it’s likely that you will lose all phone service in a power outage. Consider keeping a basic, low-cost land line (without any frills, such as long distance calling) for use in an emergency. At a minimum, make sure you register your Internet phone with Reverse 911.

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