Preparedness A to Z

checklist Being informed and prepared can save your life and the lives of your loved ones in the event of an emergency.Use the booklet below!

The JVFD has compiled a detailed booklet of fire and flood safety/emergency information especially designed to be relevant to Jamestown residents and our situation as a small mountain town. The booklet contains:

  • Basic safety information (for example, suggested number of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, and correct operation of a wood burning stove).
    >> Suggestion: Review the entire booklet and discuss it with all household members.
  • Detailed checklists to use to prepare BEFORE an emergency occurs, and what to do during emergency/evacuation situations.
    >> SuggestionPrint out the checklists, customize them to your situation, and store them in a location easily accessible during an emergency.

NOTE: This booklet includes content from various county and federal sources (for example, the Red Cross and Boulder County) but was tailored to Jamestown. So while you’re welcome to review those other sources, this booklet is actually “one-stop shopping.”

Click here to download the complete booklet to your computer.