For New Residents

welcomeThis page is specifically for new residents.

First, the Jamestown Volunteer Fire Department (JVFD) would like to welcome you to Jamestown. We think you’ll find our town to be a welcoming and special place to live, one where you can be yourself and be as involved or as private as you like.

Second, because we’re a small, remote, mountain community, there are some safety-related things that people from larger cities and towns may not think of. We want to tell you about these things so that you can be as safe as possible. Being prepared for an emergency before it happens can mean the difference between your well being and catastrophe.

Also, although evacuations are rare, they do happen in life-threatening emergencies. It’s important to be prepared and to know what to do in the event that there is one. In the last dozen years there have been two town evacuations, one for fire and one for flood, and near misses on several occasions due to wildfires in the area.

Please consider doing some or all of these checklist items:

2 Contact the Town Clerk and let them know you’ve moved in (call 303-449-1806). Give them your contact information (phone, P.O. Box, etc.) for the “Town List”—our town phone book that is distributed to residents by the Town Clerk. You may also want to stop by the town office in the Town Hall on Main St. and introduce yourself to the staff.
2 Sign up immediately with Reverse 911 (Signup for Reverse 911). In the event of an emergency, you will automatically receive a phone call with a recorded message describing the emergency and what you should do.
2 Become familiar with how to effectively report a 911 emergency (Tips for 911 Reporting).
2 Follow the Jamestown online Bulletin Board (Quick Topic or “QT” for short) to be informed about potentially dangerous situations. The QT is a community discussion board and often has the most current information as well as comments/postings on various topics from your friends and neighbors. And we invite you to join in the discussion—for example, share a favorite pie recipe, ask for a ride to Boulder, or ask a question of the community.Go to
2 Be a good steward of the environment. Many in our community take pride in the place we are privileged to live in, surrounded by National Forest. But “living in paradise” comes with some responsibilities:

  • “Tread lightly” on hikes in the forest, including taking out what you bring in.
  • Respect and do not feed the wildlife. This can actually endanger them by acclimating them to human interaction and feeding.
  • Pay close attention to the fire danger level that is continuously updated in front of the Fire Station on Main St.,
  • Adhere to Boulder County burn bans when they occur, and obtaining required burn permits when necessary.
  • Adhere to any announced town water restrictions to ensure that there’s enough water to meet day-to-day needs, and enough water to fight a fire, if necessary. (Water is an especially precious commodity in Colorado. Jamestown is one of the few mountain towns with its own water supply fed by large storage tanks on the South side of town, pumped from the James Creek on Ward Street.)
2 Be Bear Aware. We are fortunate to have abundant wildlife as our neigbors including bears. Unfortunately, our bear population is at risk due to problems created by people. When bears become habituated to living in or frequently visiting in town it literally puts their lives at risk. They quickly learn that it’s easy to score a meal by hanging around houses and worse, breaking into houses and/or cars. When a bear becomes that unafraid of people it may be relocated or worse, killed by the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Follow these simple steps to protect our precious bear population:

  • Do not store trash outdoors unless it is in a bear-proof-container
  • Don’t leave pet food outside
  • Keep you car meticulously clean and free of food and food wrappers. Bears have been called walking stomachs and have an incredible sense of smell. The smallest morsel of food can cause a bear to rip into your car and destroy it while putting its life at risk in the process.
  • Keep bird feeders high and inaccessible from close-by trees or structures. Better yet, bring feeders in at night.
 2  Dispose of trash properly. Here’s how it works in Jamestown:

  • Trash is picked up by Western Disposal on Friday mornings before 8:00 AM so the trash must be out before they come by BUT NOT the night before.
  • If there is a holiday during the week Western picks up on Saturday mornings.
  • Recycling can be brought to the Boulder recycling center in East boulder. Or you can make arrangements for recycling pickup at your house with Green Girl Recycling.
2 Come to the Merc and get to know people. In a small town like ours, safety often depends on neighbors helping neighbors. A great way to get to know people in the community is to visit the Jamestown Mercantile (“the Merc” for short) in the center of town on Main Street. The Merc is the only restaurant/cafe in town, and is a gathering spot for socializing and listening to live music several days a week. Look for the Merc’s postings on the QT about upcoming events and special meals.
2 Attend Town Board meetings. If you have a safety or other town-related concern, you can bring it to the Town Board by speaking in the Open Forum section of any Town Board meeting. In fact, it’s a good idea to attend board meetings to keep informed about what’s going on. The Jamestown Town Board is the epitome of grass roots, locally-controlled government where our dedicated, volunteer Town Trustees work for the community without regard to political party affiliation. The schedule is posted in advance on the town website.

You can easily stay abreast of Jamestown government legislative activities by subscribing to Email Alerts.

2 Be prepared for and know what to do in an evacuation (Create Emergency KitsTips for Safe Evacuation, and Preparedness A to Z).
2 If you have special needs, such as limited mobility by foot in an evacuation, let the JVFD know (Special Needs Signup).
2 Consider becoming a JVFD volunteer (Join In).The JVFD is our first line of defense in 911 emergencies. It consists of volunteer community members serving primarily as firefighters and Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs). But there’s more to do than fighting fires, and you can help without putting yourself in harm’s way.

If you have any questions about the JVFD or about safety and emergency information, Contact Us.