About the JVFD

This testimonial from a Jamestown resident (just days after the September 2013 flood) speaks volumes on what the JVFD is about:

“We did not know many people in our town, other than our neighbors on Spruce Street. This life changing experience connected us with so many wonderful people in Jamestown. There are no words to describe how impressed and grateful we are with our Mayor and Volunteer Firefighters! Not only did they manage the community in a very challenging/dangerous/scary situation – they also obviously did an amazing job communicating the severity of our situation to the Boulder County sheriff’s office. Never did we think we would be rescued so quickly!
Thank you, thank you JVFD.”

Jamestown Resident Leyla Jacobs

The JVFD is led by these highly experienced and dedicated Jamestown residents:

Chiefs at the dedication of the new Fire Station (click photo to enlarge)


Arne Metzger, Operational Chief

David Mans, Administrative Chief

Colleen Williams, EMS Chief



About David Mans

David spent his first summer in Jamestown in 1971, 2 years after the last big flood in 1969. His Grandma Lee and Grandpa Orlando had purchased 99 Main Street just a year before the flood of 1969, which did severe damage to their new home. After Grandma Lee died in 2000, having lived at 99 Main for the previous 30 years, David and his wife bought his grandmother’s home and moved there in 2001 with their boys Hayden and Henry. They moved from Ward where David had lived off and on since being a teenager. In Ward, he was a longtime member of the Indian Peaks Fire Department under the guidance of his stepfather and Chief, Norm Bowers.

David’s first big event after joining JVFD was the Overland Fire of 2003, which afterward resulted in the surge of membership that has effectively become the current Jamestown Volunteer Fire Department. After the flood of 2013, the membership changed up a bit, and David became the Co-Chief along with the other Co-Chief Arne Metzger.

“It’s exciting to have such a beautiful new Fire Hall to start this new chapter of JVFD. In a small department with limited calls, it can be hard to keep up enthusiasm. But there’s a new pride here that will benefit the entire community.”